Calling all Golf enthusiasts

Golf ball or Golf club – which came first? Who cares you say, as long as you get that lucky hole in one.

You will be pleased to hear that 14% of golfers who achieve a hole in one, go on to make another.

If you love the game and manage to get that lucky hole in one, why not get it framed for all to see?

At Artwork Creations, we specialise in 3D framing so if you have any Golf memorabilia that you

would like framed, call us now on 01225 582060.

Picture Frame Wall display

Spring Clean your walls

We at Artwork Creations always enjoy a challenge with our framing, but let us flip the coin and pass the challenge back to you!

Why not freshen up your walls with a collection of family photographs, maybe in a diamond formation? You only need to start with a central column and then work your way outwards.

It’s often a good idea to lay the pictures on the floor first and move them around until you have a pleasing design.

Good luck!


Let us turn your memories into works of art

We had an exciting challenge last week, framing up an Asian scarf for one of our clients.

Our client did not want it framed with mounts and under glass, but instead, left open so that the detail and texture could easily be seen.

We decided to wrap a piece of suitable black material over stretcher bars, like a canvas wrap and then hand sew the fabric onto the material.

The overall result created a beautiful piece of artwork, with the black backing material setting off the fabric perfectly.

Maybe you have something similar from your travels which needs framing?

Let us turn your memories into works of art.

six nation 'grand slam' winners

Six Nations ‘Grand Slam’ Winners

Congratulations to the England Rugby Team on their recent ‘Grand Slam’ victory.

If you have any Rugby Memorabilia relating to the event, why not get it framed up?

It might be tickets, programmes, shirts or photos.

Just drop us an email or give us a call on

0208 390 0205 or 01225 582060 for a FREE quotation.